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My mother-in-law was still driving and able to care for herself. We considered adding on an apartment to our home to accommodate her, but when I mentioned the garage apartment to my husband and her, and after seeing the model, they came home and said 'when can we start?' The apartment is arranged for an older person to move about easily and has all of the amenities needed for an older person. And, it didn't take very long to convert the garage to any apartment. My mother-in-law no longer drives and has vision problems, but she loves the independence of her own place, and we love that we have privacy and yet she is close by for us check on her. My husband (her son) has probably talked more with his mother in the last 8 years than they did the previous 80 years. She enjoys being able to eat when she wants, watch TV when she wants, stay up late, sleep in, and generally care for herself, and yet have the comfort of family close by without feeling like she is interfering with our lives. It also enables her grandchildren and great grandchildren to visit with her at the same time they visit us. It has been a very positive experience for us.

Jane Merrill, Indiana