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Temporary Living Flats

Temporary Solutions

Stress-Free Installation, Easy Removal

It’s easy to see the benefits of our apartment options, but we recognize that there are some logistics to think through before making any decisions. Permanence is certainly something to consider. There might come a time when your garage apartment is no longer needed. What then? We’re pleased to tell you that we’ll come and turn that apartment back into your garage. Installation may only take ten days, and removal can be just as quick.  Contact us today!

When it comes to a time when you no longer need a NDGA, we will work with your Habitat for Humanity to help remove the garage apartment (you may keep any part of it) for the salvage value and your garage will be back to its original state. Simply call us to get started. Our friendly team will walk you through our process, answer any of your questions and help you from start to finish. Let provide you with the best mother-in-law housing solution available.