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Garage Apartments Conversion Services

Garage Apartments

Your Simpler Solution

Sure, there are many living arrangement options for your aging mother, but none of them offer the benefits of a garage-turned-apartment. Our apartments offer an affordable housing solution that keeps your loved ones close, while still providing them with privacy and independence. Contact us today to request pricing.

Patented Design

Our specially designed living spaces are created with you and your needs in mind. Every apartment is fully insulated including the floors, walls and ceilings. They’re beautiful and cozy, giving you the comfort of home. Our team is ready to help you make this life transition. In addition to taking care of all electrical and plumbing needs, we also ensure your apartment is equipped with everything but the furniture.

Your apartment comes with a refrigerator.
Cooking Appliances
All of our garage apartments include a stovetop, oven and microwave for your cooking convenience.
Kitchen Cabinets
Your new kitchen includes plenty of cabinet space to hold all of your food, dishes and cooking supplies.
Stainless Steel Sink 
We provide a high-quality, double stainless steel sink for your apartment’s kitchen.
Handicap-Accessible Bathroom
In order to accommodate a wide variety of needs, we install a handicap-accessible bathroom in your apartment.
Floor Coverings 
Our flooring solutions temporarily cover up that cold garage floor without permanently installing anything new. We offer insulated floors regardless of whether your garage is insulated. The floor coverings are burber carpet and vinyl in the kitchen and bathroom.  
Wall Coverings
During the process, the garage doors are removed and fitted with an insulated neutral-colored wall with two windows and a door with another window. Flower boxes are added under the windows and painted to match your house, as shown in the photo of the woman watering plants.   
Independent HVAC  
​All of our units are equipped with their own heating, air conditioning and water heater. Choose the housing option that offers the greatest potential for happy, healthy living.