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Unexpected Uses for Garage Apartments

Clean Garage
Your house may have more usable space than you think. Even though the garage is a place where you park your cars, store your stuff, and maybe even stash the trash (cans, that is), it also offers some serious square footage. And that makes it an ideal option when creating a whole new room.
A garage apartment conversion is an obvious answer to questions such as, "Where should my recent grad adult child live?" or "Where will the nanny sleep?" But it also can serve plenty of other purposes. What can you use a garage apartment for? Take a look at some of the less commonly known but equally as viable options you have for a garage-to-living space conversion.

Home Office

Remote jobs are becoming an increasingly popular employment option. Forty-three percent of Americans spend at least some of their employment time working from home, according to a survey.
With a growing need for flexible jobs and a trend towards using technology to interface with an employer, staff or clients, you can understand why so many Americans are able to work from the comfort of their own homes.
Whether you work remotely full-time, part-time, or just some of the time, space within your home to set up shop isn't always easy to find. You need an area that combines comfort, quiet, and any amenities that will help you to boost productivity.
While a spare bedroom or an unused dining room may seem like standout selections, add in a noisy family, and you have a recipe for disaster. You need a space that's away from the hustle and bustle of daily household life.
A garage apartment is an easy way to transform an area that you already have into an at-home office. Not only does this type of arrangement offer you the peace and quiet that you need, but it has everything from a fridge to hold your work lunches to a place to rest after a challenging day.

Staycation Getaway

Not every homeowner can afford to spend year after year on pricey vacations. Almost three-fourths of Americans admit that they've gone into debt just to pay for their vacations, according to a 2017 study.
Instead of spending money they don't have on a few short days of fun, some Americans are turning to staycations. A staycation is like a vacation but at home. Without the added expenses of hotel and travel fees, families can relax, enjoy local attractions or just spend quality time together without worrying that they'll owe more than they have to spend.
A garage apartment conversion is an investment that provides years of staycation space. If you don't regularly use the apartment, spending a weekend (or even a week) there can make you feel as though you've entered a completely new world. While you will need to pay for the conversion upfront, you can get decades worth of staycations out of the new space.

Relative Rental

Sometimes life doesn't go smoothly. People lose jobs or build up debt, or something unexpected happens and shakes your world up. If this happens to a relative or even a close friend, you may feel a deep desire to help.
Compassion in the form of offering a roof over your loved one's head is an amazing attribute. But you may feel awkward about asking someone, even a brother or sister, to pay rent in your own home. Paying for a bedroom, shared kitchen, and shared bath may seem ultimately over-the-top - given the person's need.
A garage apartment offers an easy way to house your family member while still giving them a real space to call their own.
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