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Benefits of a Garage Apartment for Your Nanny

Toddler girl with her nanny
A nanny to help raise your child or children comes with multiple benefits, especially when the nanny lives on the premises. The hired nanny can be someone the child grows to trust and love and will provide adequate child care whenever you need it.
The stress of having a crying and needy newborn is made a lot easier with the additional help of cooking and cleaning. When hiring a nanny -- whether it's a professional or a relative like a parent, you have multiple options for housing. If your home has a two-car garage, consider converting the garage space into a small apartment.
Having a separate living space on your property for a nanny comes with multiple advantages. Learn about these benefits and ways your child will thrive with a live-in nanny.

Easy Access

Typical work excuses are no more when the person you hire lives on the premises. The needs of a child are met no matter what type of conditions are present. When a nanny lives in an attached apartment, you do not need to worry about your nanny coming late because of traffic issues or other delays.
The use of the converted apartment also makes it easier to manage nanny needs during the winter months. Even in poor weather or snow, your nanny will be there to take care of the child as needed.
If the nanny needs anything of their own, going to their apartment is a lot easier. The child doesn't have to be driven or transported unnecessarily. The garage apartment makes the job a lot easier.

Privacy & Work Hours

A nanny shouldn't be on the clock 24 hours a day - although it would be nice. Giving the person their own living space is an ideal way to keep things separated while remaining close-by. If the nanny lives in the house, you may become too reliant on the person and go beyond their normal work hours.
The use of a garage apartment also gives the nanny a little extra privacy and prevents the family from being too overbearing. The space gives them time to unwind and relax after working a long day. A separate entrance and exit to the home also allows the nanny to leave and come home as needed. No need to track their every move - they are the babysitters, not the other way around.

Financial Advantages

Even though a nanny is hired to live with you, all of the expenses may not be covered. As you break down costs for things, the various charges can get complicated when it comes to separating bills and charges. Don't worry about counting bread slices or splitting the Netflix bill when it comes to a garage apartment.
A separate apartment built in the garage helps separate costs for various services including cable, heating, cooling, and electricity. Depending on the charges you intend to include, all of the different items can be figured out before the nanny moves in.

Future Uses

There comes a time when a nanny is no longer needed in the home. As the garage apartment becomes empty, you can use the space in other ways. A family member such as an elderly parent can move into the garage apartment. The space is also ideal for a teenage hangout area.
You can come up with various ways to utilize the space once a nanny's duties are complete. Keeping the area for years to come can provide a lot of options. Once the nanny is gone, the space can also be converted back into a garage, giving you extra space for your vehicles.
To get started on the garage conversion process, contact us at Next Door Garage Apartments. We can help you convert the garage into a beautiful living area.