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5 Reasons to Build Your Child a College Apartment in Your Garage

Man building apartment in garage

If your child is currently looking at colleges, then you know how expensive out-of-state schools are. Apart from academics, many children look to out-of-state schools as a way to form their own identity and start their adult lives. This is where having their own apartment can help. You can build your child a college apartment in your garage in only ten days. Here's why you should.

1. Your Child Can Stay In-State

On average, the cost of an in-state school education is around $10,000 a year, whereas the cost of an outof-state education is around $30,000 a year. That adds up, especially if your child is thinking about a more rigorous degree program.

When you provide an independent, in-state place for your child to live, you make in-state schools a more attractive option for your child. Rather than ending up with exorbitant tuition loans, they can start saving money for their future.

2. Your Child Will Pay Less for Housing 

Even in-state schools have expensive costs for dormitories, but many kids don't want to stay at home because of the stigma attached to it. The cost of a dorm averages $10,000 a year, and that often comes with an associated meal plan that students are required to purchase if they're going to stay in campus housing.

3. Your Child Can Learn Responsibility

While many people prize "dorm life" as being part of the true college experience, it can also hold kids back. Dorm life is not like being a regular adult. For instance, meal plans can make it so that young adults never learn to cook. In fact, cooking is banned in many dorms, except in common areas.

With their own apartment, your child will learn to clean up after themselves, cook for themselves, and more. They will truly be living as an adult, with their own chores and responsibilities, and this can give them a head start into adult life.

4. Your Child Will Still Be Independent

Students may not want to live at home because of the stigma attached to it. They may also feel as though they can't grow into independent adults under the watchful eyes of their parents, and that they won't be able to experience interesting things if their parents are always watching.

Having a separate apartment and setting up healthy boundaries is an excellent way to show your child that you trust them. They can be empowered by living on their own and experiment with increased levels of privacy and autonomy while still being able to consult with you if they need advice or opinions. 

At the same time, they also won't be in the distracting and sometimes irresponsible environment of dormitories. 

5. Your Child Is Close by If They Need Help

A safety net is important for any child, even a child who is fast approaching adulthood. The first year of college is often the hardest, as young adults struggle to adapt to a new environment. When a new college student is able to excel in school while still having a safety net available at home, the student will have less to worry about. 

Being in an entirely new place and being expected to excel academically can be difficult. Even if your child eventually wants to go away to college, having a college apartment can be a good transition for the first year or two.

Many students are finding it difficult to pay for college tuition and paying for housing costs might make college seem impossible. By providing your child with their own apartment, you give them options. Not only can they save money but they can also be just as independent as they choose to be. For more information about garage apartments, contact Next Door Garage Apartments today.