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About Next Door Garage Apartments converts your two-car attached garage into an apartment so your mother can live next door! We make the apartment temporary so if you do not need it any longer, we will come (with the help of your local Habitat for Humanity) and take it out so you can have your garage back.  Everything is installed in just 10 days!  Nowhere else can you order such a complete package for one affordable price. is the perfect compromise to having a relative come to live at your home.  Both of you maintain independence by living next door to each other.  Neither of you needs to feel burdened because you each have your own independent living space. By having the next door, it allows you to keep your loved ones close to you without actually living with you. is a complete apartment. We provide all the appliances including a refrigerator, stove/oven, microwave oven, kitchen cabinets and double stainless steel sink, handicap-accessible bathroom, floor coverings and wall coverings. Other handicap options are available at an additional cost.
The utilities for are designed to work in harmony with those inside your home. Hook-up to your home’s electricity, water and other utilities is included.  The heating and air conditioning unit and a hot water heater come with the apartment. Your relative can always have hot water and regulate the temperature in their apartment.
Consider all the different situations that benefit from having garage apartments installed:
  • For an “aging parent” who might otherwise wind up in an assisted-living facility. By being separate but nearby allows “elders” to retain their independence longer, reduce the costs of caring for them, and relieve the stress and worry of them living away and by themselves.
  • For “boomerang” kids, or those who have suffered in these economic times. The garage conversion allows you to house a college student or a recently divorced young adult so they can save money.
  • For your family “nanny”. Many times working parents would truly like to have their nanny nearby, but not actually living inside their homes.
  • For a “mentally challenged adult child” who cannot necessarily live on his/her own, but would like to experience some independence.
  • For possible “rental income”. In some areas, like college towns where retirees choose to live, the zoning allows for renting a portion of their home.