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Garage Apartments

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Garage to Living Space

A New Space in Just 10 Days

Yes, you read that right. At, we’ll transform your existing two-car garage into a living space, all in only 10 short days. Create a space that your aging parent, adult child or struggling friend can live in. Our apartments are beautiful and affordable, making the transition easy. Call us today and let one of our team members help you get started.

Where Proximity and Independence Meet

We know the problem. When an aging parent or struggling child needs to live with you, it’s hard to still give them their independence. Our garage-apartment conversions offer the best of both worlds. Keep your loved ones close while still offering them the independence they need. Contact our office today. We’ll answer your questions and help you create a space that feels like home.

Consider Your Loved Ones

​An Aging Parent
As parents age, it becomes easier to worry about their well-being. Even if they are healthy, sometimes keeping them close allows you to feel a bit more comfortable.

Grown Children 
Sometimes our children hit a rough patch. In a financially tumultuous world, it’s natural. When that happens, give them a place to stay until they can get back on their feet.

A Hired Nanny 
Some families choose to hire a full-time nanny. Our garage apartments offer your nanny the perfect space to live in while still allowing them to be close to your children.

Give shelter to your loved ones by transforming your garage into an apartment. Our friendly team is prepared to help you get your space ready for your new neighbor. Contact us today. 

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